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Made-in-china Jelly Vibrator from Amazon.  After opening it, it was so sticky that my dried lavender stuck to it like a lint roller.

The smell of my room after unwrapping these was awful.  I started to feel nauseous immediately and was eager to seal these fuming dildos away in the Jar.

After touching the dildos they were moist and left an oily residue on my hands, and when i rolled them in dried lavender leaves, the lavender stuck to their surface. dildos online

The Paloqueth dildo was the only one that didn’t smell bad, it’s also the only matte dildo. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not it melts like the other dildos do.

Jar 2: Silicone Jar

This Jar was a bit more expensive to put together.  However I have faith they won’t melt and I can continue to use them after the experiment is finished.

  • Fun Factory Bouncer – $99
  • Semenette Pop – $150
  • Hot Octopuss Pulse – $150
  • Fun Factory Duke – $100

These silicone toys don’t smell and they don’t make my hands oily after I touch them.  I’m going to miss them, a lot, but they are on a mission, I’ll see you in a few months my dears! God Speed:’)

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