Bathmate Hydromax Review

Bathmate Hydromax

The Bathmate Hydromax is a range of penis pumps that are best when used in water. Although it can be used just fine without water it is more effective used in the shower or bath. Bathmate Hydromax Review

This has quickly become one of the best selling top male enhancement products there is. For this reason I needed to try it out for my self.

I used this penis pump for 6 months and In this review I’m going to be talking about my experience and results.

If you are looking to increase the length and girth of your penis with permanent results your going to want to read this review!

This penis enlargement pump is really something you wont believe how quickly you will see results.

In this review i’m going to talk about the whole range of Bathmate pumps including the Hydro, Hydromax and HydroXtreme.

I’m also going to talk about the different sizes of pumps available such as the X20, X30, and X40 Or now known as the Hydromax 5, Hydromax 7, Hydromax 7 wide boy, and the Hydromax 9.

What Is The Bathmate Hydromax?

The pump is a complete range of penis enlargement pumps that are used in water. You can use these hydropumps in the shower or the bath for roughly 15 mins per day.

It is also possible to use these pumps without water but they are not as effective.

This device is a water vacuum cylinder that you place over your penis and pump up to create a good vacuum. This vacuum pressure gives you a strong erection and increases the size of your penis.

These types of enlargement penis pumps do give you extra size after the first use but if you are looking for significant size gains you do need to put in the work.

You guys are going to enjoy using one of these pumps. They are one of the best male enhancement devices on the market.

What Made Me Interested In trying Out This Enlargement Pump?

I had Previously used the Penomet Pump and had some good results from using it. The Bathmate Pump is said to be more powerful and better than the penomet premium which was the best penis pump I had previously used and loved.

I found that this penis pump was the most powerful and one of the safest pumps on the market. This range of penis pumps come with a lot of extras that make these pump’s better and more comfortable to use.

There is a money back guarantee when you buy any bathmate hydromax so I could try this pump risk free. If you are unhappy with the results you can get all of your money back. This Hydropump gives you permanent penis size gains if used properly.

There are countless great reviews on these penis pumps, I personally think the negative reviews are from guys that didn’t use this pump as instructed.

How Does It Work?


The pump works by first of all filling the pump with water and putting it over your penis.

You then push the gator up against your body being careful that you do not put this over your testicles. Trust me that would really hurt. You then pull the pump then it will automatically releases the water which causes an even vacuum.

This Vacuum is what gives you a forced rock hard erection and you will see while using the bathmate hydromax pump that your penis looks much bigger instantly.

The trick with these pumps is only go as far as feels comfortable. When the pressure gets too much just flick the pressure relief valve on the end to back off the pressure slightly.

Regular use of the Pump increases the cavity in your penis known as the corpus cavernosum. This allows you to get more blood into your penis giving you a bigger erection. You will also notice a considerable size difference when flaccid.

How To Use The For Premature Ejaculation?

If you are using this for premature ejaculation its really easy to use. All you have to do is put the pump on for 5-10 minutes right before you have sex. Using it just before you have sex gives you a slight numbing sensation which will help you to last longer.

How To Use For Better Erections?

If you are using the pump for erectile dysfunction there are two different ways to use it.

  1. Use the pump just before sex, when pumped the vacuum will suck your blood into your penis giving you a strong erection. If you find it difficult to sustain a strong erection you can always use a cock ring to keep your erection solid, it does help.
  2. Using this pump 5 days a week when you bath/shower this will improve your erections even when not using the Bathmate Hydromax. I would advise using it daily for 5 mins a day at the start and working your way up to 20 mins per day.

How To Use For Penis Enlargement?

When using this male enhancement device for penis enlargement you will need to put in a lot of work. I’m talking 5 days a week for at least 4-6 months.

You will notice a size difference after the first time you use it but if you don’t keep it up your penis will go back to normal in about 2 days.

The best way I found to do this is use the pump daily while you wash this will help you to add it into your daily routine.

It is easy to skip days or give up but trust me if you put in the time and effort you will get excellent results.

Is The Bathmate Hydromax Safe?

This range of penis pumps are one of the safest penis pumps on the market.

this penis pump is used in water which means you get an equal vacuum pressure. You will need to start off using it for around 5 to 10 minutes per day and build up to 20 minute sessions.

Don’t pump it as much as you can when you first start using this hydropump it is very powerful and it will take a week or so to get used to it.

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